Are you a Wilberforce?

by Amanda Hennessey

In 1759 the abolitionist William Wilberforce was born.  Wilberforce is an amazing example of someone who stood up for what he believed to be right even when all around him disagreed. Today we can remember him as a model of a man who battled for human rights. Just as abortion today, owning slaves was socially correct and a freedom of choice.

As a student at the University of Ottawa, I wish to take the example of William Wilberforce and apply it to my own battle against the human rights atrocities of today. I plan to do what I can to spread the truth even when eyes are closed to it. The killing of children has become such a “normal” topic and I fear many do not realize this debate is still alive. My hope is that by speaking up we may convince others of the mass murders going on daily, and let all people know that abortions are not accepted by everyone. I ask you, the reader: are you doing all that you can to be a warrior against abortion? Take courage from the story of William Wilberforce, and the idea that one courageous person, strong in his or her beliefs, can make a difference!

“Am I not a man and a brother?”
– William Wilberforce (1759 – 1833)

1 thought on “Are you a Wilberforce?

  1. Rebecca

    Perhaps one day someone will fight against an injustice and say, “Are you an Amanda Hennessey?” Just as slavery is today unthinkable as a moral economic practice, I hope that one day abortion will also be unthinkable. In the meantime, Wilberforce is a great example of a someone who persevered for a cause. Thanks for reminding us Amanda!


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