Disability Advocates and the Right to Life

by Elizabeth Tanguay

I have been an avid follower of LifeSiteNews for quite some time now, and there is always something interesting going on with regards to the pro-life position.

Take Baby Isaiah from Edmonton, for example:

Young Canadian Parents Fighting Hospital to Save Their Baby’s Life

If you don’t want to read the article (which is quite good, by the way), I’ll sum up the case for you. When Isaiah was born, he suffered severe oxygen deprivation to his brain due to his umbilical cord wrapping around his neck. The doctors predicted he would never gain consciousness, and if he did, that he would be severely disabled for the rest of his life. However, he defied the doctors’ predictions: he has opened his eyes, arched his back, moved his feet and arms, and is improving. Now the parents are in a fight for this small child’s life because the doctors want to take him off the ventilator that is keeping him alive. And they refuse to carry out routine blood tests and procedures to find out exactly what is wrong with Isaiah. The parents don’t even have access to their baby’s medical record.

The worst part of all this: it has happened before in Canada.

Baby Isaiah’s Case Part of a National Trend Say Advocates for the Disabled

Thankfully, the parents appealed to the judge, who granted Isaiah 3 weeks for a medical assessment by experts to determine whether or not the doctors’ decision is justified.

Baby Isaiah Granted Another Three Weeks for Medical Assessment

And the nice thing with LifeSiteNews is that they even provide contact information to key people to be able to advocate for this baby, which I strongly encourage you to do. He shouldn’t be denied life because of his probable “disability”, especially since his parents clearly want to do everything medically possible so they can keep their child.

1 thought on “Disability Advocates and the Right to Life

  1. nwalker81

    I have read the article and I also have followed along with the news waiting for more information to be released on baby Isaiah.
    It seems to me that alot of members of society view anyone with a disability as a liability instead of the miricle that they are. I believe we all are unique and in truth we all have our own disabilities (no matter how small). Some of us talk to loud, have a limp when we walk, have troubles remember things etc.
    It seems to me that society looks at anyone who does not fit into the standard of “noraml” as someone who is dispensible and unimportant. But no one in my opinion has the right to say what or who is considered “normal”. What is “normal” anyway? No one is “normal” in my opinion, thats why we all are unique are special.

    Thank You for posting this, maybe more people will learn how wrong it is to judge others with a disability or not…

    I also have made a blog about the way people look at and treat people with disabilities, you can go to http://www.disabilityadvocates.wordpress.com, feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


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