Abortion not in sync with women’s health

by Paul T

This past Friday, Ottawa Students for Life hosted Andrea Mrozek from the popular blog “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” to come and speak to students on how the pro-life position and a pro-woman stance converge on many different levels. Andrea started by simply stating the fact that having an abortion is in no way more associated with a woman’s femininity than in her choice to carry a child to term. The importance Mrozek associated between a woman’s biological identities against the common feminist current clearly illustrated a contrast between what women are told to believe, and what they want to believe. Mrozek noted 5 key points to why being pro-woman is perfectly in sync with the pro-life stance.

This brings a sharp new reality when trying to interpret Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s statements on the “availability of a full range of reproductive products to women” incorporated into Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement on development of maternal health initiatives for the world’s poorest and most under-developed countries. Mr. Ignatieff seems to state, without any regard or respect towards the culture of life in many of these countries, that Canada has the right to take advantage of the frailty of some countries by imposing ideologically divisive ideals that aren’t even supported by a majority of people here at home, instead of supporting uniting collaborative action for the benefit of the entire society. This radical and extreme stance against life must be taken for what it’s worth, a shameless attempt to score political points off the lives of unborn children.

If you want to find out 5 reasons why being pro-life is being pro-woman, I encourage you to stay tuned for the video footage from Andrea’s talk that will appear on the blog soon.

2 thoughts on “Abortion not in sync with women’s health

  1. flash

    Indeed every women should have their own choice whether she wants her baby or not. In some cases like raping, most of them will say no to the baby. Nice posting, thanks.

  2. Ottawa Students For Life Post author

    Actually, we would argue that abortion for any reason, including the extremely difficult cases of rape and incest, should not be done. It does not follow that an innocent child should be killed simply because of what his or her parent did.
    It’s interesting that the “hard cases” of abortions due to rape or incest get raised so often. Did you know they represent only a very small fraction of the number of abortions in Canada?
    I’m not quite sure you got the point of the blog post, since it argued that abortion is NOT in sync with women’s health, no matter the circumstances. For more info about how abortion hurts women, and how being pro-life is pro-woman, stay tuned for the video of the public lecture by Andrea Mrozek. We’re working on them right now!


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