Momentum is Building

by Daniel Gilman

From coast to coast students are initiating resource drives to provide material support for mothers in difficult circumstances. Future doctors, politicians, and businessmen are being equipped to promote and protect the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. We’re hosting lectures and facilitating debates, raising awareness and making a difference.

Women and men who have been impoverished by abortion are increasingly informing the public of their experiences, and many mothers are carrying their pregnancies to term. While mainstream media traditionally ignore pro-life initiatives, new media is empowering the populace to be factually informed. Pro-life momentum is building.

This isn’t the first time that popular support has been mobilized. Back when I was a very young child there was also growing momentum. In response to the devastation caused by the law regulating abortion being struck down in January of 1988, there was significant support mobilized in favour of varied initiatives to protect the unborn children. But the momentum fizzled, people quarrelled, some were alienated, and many moved on to other things. I write this post because we face the possibility of the same thing today.

While much work has been done on campuses throughout Canada, many campus club leaders are graduating this year. The opportunities to make a difference on our campuses remain, but in order for the good work to continue new students must become involved. In order for the club to make a difference, we need more than just people interesting in helping out as time permits. We need students to make time. We need people to take on specific responsibilities by filling the executive and co-ordinator positions.

OSFL will be having its annual election in just a few weeks. If you’re interested in putting your name forward, please contact us at

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