The struggle for pro-life clubs

by Garnet

It seems there is no end to the struggle of pro-life clubs on Canadian campuses.  Here’s a quote from a recent McGill Daily article:

The final motion, on banning discriminatory groups on campus, was led by statements from authors Maddie Ritts and Liam Olson-Mayes explaining their choice to single out pro-life groups, stating that they are necessarily discriminatory and that “by allowing pro-life groups, we condone and accept their position,” and targeting the Silent No More campaign. After extensive debate and votes on multiple amendments, including one to strike direct reference to pro-life groups in the resolution, the entire resolution failed to pass.

Phew. The motion failed to pass.  It’s scary because this kind of attitude is expected from our Student Federations.  Who exactly is being discriminated against?  Oh, the irony.  The fact that Silent No More is targeted shows how deplorable their intentions are.  “Oh no, women are speaking about their negative abortion experience.  We must silence this discrimination against women!”  Absolutely outrageous.

And then on the other side of the country, at the University of Victoria, Youth Protecting Youth has lost funding and club status. Again a Student Federation is trying to bully a pro-life club into silence.  What are these people scared of, anyway? Check out this news report:

Some other news to note: Lakehead Life Support has regained club status after a long struggle.  They do not, however, get funding from the LUSA.

Ottawa Students for Life enjoys relative freedom when planning events and operating as club (except for the fact that our posters get ripped down almost right away).  We’re glad to operate as the pro-life witness on our campus, and give our support to other pro-life clubs that struggle to be recognized.

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