OSFL Elections: March 24th, 7:30 p.m.

Our Great and Glorious Pro-Life Club is approaching times of change. An exodus of leadership is forthcoming, the likes of which has not been seen in this club since beyond our memory. A void in leadership is emerging. Who will stand between us and the forces of Chaos? Who will lead us in the campaign against the Culture of Death? Who will be the next generation of Ottawa Students for Life?

Okay…so that was a little melodramatic. In fact, the club is well-trained and well-poised to continue at the University of Ottawa. However, we do need students to step into leadership roles. Please seriously consider this. The club has been, for many of those involved, a highlight of their time at university. It’s an incredible opportunity to grow as a leader, as a team player, and as a person. Check out our blog in the weeks to come for stories on how involvement in Ottawa Students for Life has affected our current and past leaders. All those who take on leadership positions will receive training and mentoring. Position descriptions can be accessed at this link. Please email us with any questions. If you’d like a chance to sit down with an executive member and ask questions one-on-one, just let us know and we’ll set something up.

Join us then, as we choose the future leadership of our club. Help us to select the ones who will lead us forward. Or even, put yourself forward as a champion of the Right to Life. Let this club of ours remain strong and united as we continue to build a culture of life!

The technical details:
Event: OSFL General Elections
Date: Wednesday, March 24 at 7:30 pm
Place: stay tuned
What to do if you are interested in running: peruse the Official Job Descriptions Page and send in your self-nomination to ottawastudentsforlife@gmail.com .
Your nomination should include:
> Name
> Year
> Program of study
> Past involvement with the club
> Position(s) of interest

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