Olivia’s Justice

by Dante De Luca

Once upon a time there was a girl named Olivia Talbot. You can read her story here, but I will give a little summary thereof for your ease of reading.

In short, she was a girl who lived in Edmonton. Like most people, she had her problems, and her particular problem was a drug addiction. However, after she became pregnant, she made great progress in putting this problem behind her. But then disaster struck: Jared Baker, a childhood friend and also a drug addict, stopped by one day with a gun and killed her. This was in 2005.

The interesting thing about this story is that Baker’s intended target was her unborn baby Lane; his first three shots were aimed at Olivia’s abdomen. Although Lane only received a scratch on his bum, the death of his mother was enough to kill him. The paramedics tried to resuscitate him, but failed; he died as well.

But of course, Baker was only found guilty of killing one person.

Despite the efforts of two bills in Parliament (both of which were partially inspired by Olivia’s death, and both of which never passed), the unborn are not legally protected in any way in Canada. Lane was treated as a non-entity in the legal and medical procedings. But Olivia’s mother Mary Talbot is continuing the movement to recognise the unborn in such situations. “I held that little boy. I saw two people in the casket, not one,” she said here. “For me, it’s black and white … I just can’t understand why they can’t see it that way.”

As Baker appeals to the Supreme Court on Friday (March 19), she has created a Facebook group entitled Olivia’s Justice to spread awareness of the issue and make a stand for the rights of unborn victims of crime. She requests that you join the group, but at least keep her and her family in your thoughts (and prayers), as well as Baker and his family, and all who are involved in these sorts of events. As Talbot says, “All women deserve to be protected from such evil but especially the ones who are carrying babies our future.”

PS on that sombre note, happy St Patrick’s Day, and remember St Patrick was pro-life too!

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