Blood Money

by Daniel Gilman

Behind the veneer of pro-choice rhetoric is a very lucrative abortion industry. This money making industry is documented in a brand new documentary called Blood Money. This documentary has not yet been picked up by any distributors, ostensibly with the thought that few people care about these issues.

Click here to sign the petition and let them know that you care. And here’s the trailer:

3 thoughts on “Blood Money

  1. Felicity

    Hi Daniel

    I’m wondering if you know anything about this Documentary being released or not… I had a quick look on youtube, and the only thing I could find was the trailer.

  2. Daniel Gilman

    Thanks Owen for telling me about the film in the first place 🙂

    Hi Felicity, I believe the film is not yet released because it does not have a distributor. The reason for my post was to encourage people to sign the petition at the link above showing that there is consumer interest in the film. Thanks for the question!


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