An Apology, Clarity, and A Continued Call for Action

By Daniel

In my initial call to action I stated that, “Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party are scheming to force the Conservative Government to promote abortion as part of Canada’s push to fight maternal and infant mortality at the G8.” This statement was based on an article from the Canadian Free Press appearing  on the CTV and the Globe and Mail as well as reports from 4MyCanada . Having actually read the Motion for myself, I see that it does not explicitly use the word abortion, but I do agree with the assertion that this motion is about abortion.

The Conservative Government had already stated that they are open to including contraception as part of this initiative. The Liberal Motion goes beyond talk of contraception and states: “the Canadian government should refrain from advancing the failed right-wing ideologies previously imposed by the George W. Bush administration in the United States, which made humanitarian assistance conditional upon a “global gag rule” that required all non-governmental organizations receiving federal funding to refrain from promoting medically-sound family planning.” This is referring to President Bush’s “Mexico Policy” that organizations which promote abortion abroad would not receive federal funds.

I should not have issued an urgent call for action without concrete confirmation of the Liberal’s motion. I would like to apologize for doing so. I continue to encourage everyone to continue to contact MPs, letting them know that while you may support promoting contraception, you do oppose exporting abortion. I think the best article I have seen regarding this affair is this one:

Again, please continue to let our politicians know that Canadians do care about improving maternal health and combating infant mortality and that we emphatically oppose exporting abortion.

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