Self-Development Day

by Reita S.

“Branding” is not a popular topic for pro-life clubs or non-profit organizations. We like to think that if we all try very hard, then people will just like whatever we do.

This isn’t true – uOSFL tries very hard to cultivate an image, representative of the sort of organization we want to be.

As the newly elected media and promotions coordinator, my request to you, our readers, members, and subscribers is this: How do you see uOSFL? What do you think characterizes us? What colours, images, words, or phrases do you associate with us?

I am very interested in collecting your feedback and will then be producing such things as an official club logo, business cards, etc. We want what we see for the club to reflect what you see us as.

Please respond!

1 thought on “Self-Development Day

  1. Owen

    I see uOSFL as a blog where I’m kept up-to-date with current issues relevant to the pro-life movement and where I can read intelligent articles that make me think.
    ~ Bruce Owens


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