A parallel universe

by Marissa Poisson

Famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking recently claimed that “intelligent alien life forms almost certainly exist.” This led me to wonder what aliens would think about a debate we are having here on Earth. As I follow the controversy surrounding the G8 maternal and child health initiative, at times I feel like I might be living in a parallel universe. The Canadian government’s decision not to include funding for abortion in its plan to help save the lives of the world’s most vulnerable mothers and children continues to elicit outrage from some. Over in my parallel universe, it is incomprehensible that ending the lives of unborn children in impoverished nations would constitute humanitarian aid. Hunger, disease, violence, war – sadly, these are all-too-present in developing countries. But how does it follow that we can help others by promoting death as a solution? Because that is what opposition to abortion boils down to: abortion is wrong because it kills a human being. It doesn’t matter whether a pregnant woman is Canadian or Congolese: the child growing inside her has a right to life. An abortion is an act of violence, and the countries the G8 initiative will help certainly don’t need more of those. Women the world over need to find compassionate support when they look for help during a crisis pregnancy, not an offer to abort their baby.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that few people inhabit my parallel universe. The National March for Life is an excellent opportunity to see that that is not at all the case. On May 13th, thousands of people will gather on Parliament Hill to march through the streets of our nation’s capital and be a voice for the voiceless. If you live in the Ottawa area or can make the trip, I strongly encourage you to come to this important event. Who knows, you might even meet a friendly uOSFL earthling!

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