A Shame and a Sham

by Marissa Poisson

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking home from the March for Life with my little sister in my arms and my cousin by my side. A group of people had been walking in front of us since we left Parliament Hill, and we were about to pass them on the sidewalk. One young woman, who must have been about my age, looked at us and said, “Shame on you.” Caught off guard, I offered a faint smile and we kept walking.

A few days later, a part of Bank St. was closed due to an accident. I saw a person on a stretcher being taken to an ambulance, and I hoped he or she would be okay. Then I remembered that a few blocks up the street, a short walk from Parliament Hill, there was another life-and-death situation occurring. I wished I could tell the paramedics that the next place they needed to go that Wednesday morning was the local Morgentaler Clinic because there were lives to be saved and people to be healed there. The real shame is that while we would never say that helping someone who is lying injured on the street is none of our business, not enough people want to think of the women and unborn children who find themselves on the threshold of abortion facilities.

If I could talk to the woman who said those three words to us on the street, I would ask what motivates her support for abortion and challenge her to inform herself about what an abortion does to the two people who are subjected to it. For a wealth of factual information, I would recommend Signal Hill to her.   For a look into the minds of passionate and compassionate pro-life individuals, I would point her to ProWomanProLife and, of course, this blog. I think that if she decided to seek the truth at the heart of the matter, she’d see abortion exposed for what it really is: a sham. Drop one letter from “shame” and you’ve got an apt descriptor of death and pain coated in words like choice, freedom and reproductive rights. It is high time we move toward love, support and intellectual honesty.

1 thought on “A Shame and a Sham

  1. James M (BSFL)

    Great blog post. I notice that you ended with “love, support and intellectual honesty”. Being prolife, i do believe this is what we try and express and show to those who are lost or are truly unaware about the abortion issue. Many people think that we are forcing and unthoughtful towards the female. It is key that we show that we are there for support. Thank you for your story.


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