Oh, Toronto!

by Rebecca Richmond

[A note from uOSFL: Many people think of university as a time to do ‘crazy things’ that we give up when we become ‘serious adults’. While we hope that she is beyond all-nighters, cramming, and living on ramen noodles, our former President Rebecca Richmond , who has recently begun in her new job as Director of National Campus Life Network, is a testimony to the fact that activism doesn’t end when you receive your diploma!]

No, I will not be a Torontonian or “from Toronto.”  I will simply be a girl from the Ottawa Valley who happens to live in Toronto.

I always vowed that I would never live in Toronto, and I can’t believe that I’ll be moving there next weekend.  But, since the beginning of my involvement with the Campus Pro-Life Movement, you wouldn’t believe all the things I can’t believe I end up doing!

It’s not easy to be a campus pro-life leader.  There is so much to be done, but so little time with all the other commitments you have to juggle as a student.  Fortunately, we’re not alone.  UOttawa Students For Life has benefited so much from the help and support of National Campus Life Network (NCLN).  NCLN is the only national organization that exists to educate, support and network pro-life post-secondary students across Canada.   NCLN has trained us to be more effective as club leaders and as pro-life advocates.  They’ve provided us with effective resources designed for university campuses.  They’ve connected us with other pro-life groups, including other campus groups as well as community and national groups. They’ve given us advice and encouragement, helping us to set goals and carry out our plans.  NCLN made club pro-life advocacy more manageable, maximizing our effectiveness and minimizing the burden of additional work.

During my time with uOSFL, I repeatedly said, “I want to do this full-time!”  Now, I have that opportunity.  I am very excited to be working full-time with NCLN, now that I’ve graduated from my studies at uOttawa.   It is an incredible honour and privilege to be able to support campus pro-life clubs in Canada.

I will miss Ottawa terribly but I know that the sacrifice of moving away from Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley will pale in comparison to the joys of working with NCLN.

1 thought on “Oh, Toronto!

  1. Rebecca

    🙂 But for the record, I never pulled any all-nighters nor did I eat ramen noodles….though I did eat a lot of brown rice noodles….


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