“Human Beings Are Not Commodities”

by Reita S.

[While this is not strictly within the parameters of uOSFL’s mission, in light of the recent poll uOSFL produced, I thought it would be important to say a few words about human trafficking and the sex trade.]

I spent most of my life in a blissful ignorance about the realities of human trafficking. I knew that there were prostitutes all over the world, but I had never seen one. I heard stories now and then of child prostitution, but my mind filtered this to mean older teenage girls, not six year olds.

I was swiftly shown the light when I discovered the organization Love146. They are dedicated to rehabilitating, healing, and training former child prostitutes after they are liberated from brothels. In their e-book on slavery, they rightly state that “Human beings are not commodities; children are not for sale.”

As pro-lifers, we believe that all life has intrinsic worth and value. Slavery, whether sexual or not, strips value from human lives – it make them things to be bought and sold, used and discarded. So much of the rhetoric surrounding the choice of the mother towards the unborn child is echoed here that it surprises me that abortion is legal and slavery and sexual exploitation is a crime.

Please, as pro-lifers, consider that we cry to “protect, celebrate, and defend the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death”.  Consider the lack of dignity and protection of the slave and the sex worker. Consider widening your perception of pro-life to want dignity and value for each of the 27 million people trapped in this multi-billion dollar business.

1 thought on ““Human Beings Are Not Commodities”

  1. Kortney

    Amen! I’ve always said that if I wasn’t in full-time pro-life ministry, I’d be working to free young girls from sex slavery. Thank you for highlighting this.


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