Crossing Canada with a Message for All to See

by Amanda Hennessey

On Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting two men who have been walking across Canada with a group called “Crossroads” (previously written about on July 30th). They were visiting my parish in order to speak about their walk from Vancouver to Quebec City in the name of life. They finished their walk last Saturday on Parliament Hill. These journeys go on all around North America; take a look at their website to learn more.

To me these men, and woman, are heroes. They possessed the courage, and the will power, to bear all physical and emotional pains of an amazing journey in order to share the pro-life message. All who would have seen them would have noticed their t-shirts which bore the black capitalized words “PRO LIFE.”  I am encouraged by their witness and bravery.

According to them, a few weeks into their walk they met a man in a church. After he learned about their mission, he decided to drop everything and join them- what courage! They also shared how amazed they were that none of their members were injured or got sick even though they were pushing their bodies to extremes and walking through all varieties of weather. I encourage you all to check out their official blog, as well as one of the walker’s blogs .

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