40 Days for Life

uOSFL would like to remind all our readers that 40 Days for Life began on September 22 and will continue on until October 31 across from the Morgentaler Clinic at Bank and Sparks.

Although this is a religious event, uOSFL supports the amount of coverage this event brings to something that no one is willing to talk about – that abortions are carried out daily in our fair city.

As such, uOSFL will be participating on Fridays from noon to three. We welcome you to go and participate with any organisation you may be part of or with your friends and family, but we also welcome you to come stand with us. Regardless of your beliefs on prayer, we are a public presence against institutionalised murder.

For more information, please see 40 Days’ website.

3 thoughts on “40 Days for Life

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  2. Blaise Alleyne

    Lies! lol I was just settling in to my hotel room at the Crowne Plaza, decided to catch up on feed reader stuff, and I read this post, looked at my watch, and it was 1*:15pm. I dashed out immediately, stayed for 45-60 minutes talkin with Tom from Action Life, but I don’t think you guys were there. 😦


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