If Everything in the Garden is Sunny – Why Meddle?

by Theresa Stephenson

As I turned another page on my calendar this week, I saw how quickly this summer has slipped away and how swiftly autumn is approaching, and with it another school year at ol’ uOttawa. Throughout the summer, the team of uOttawa Students for Life has been in correspondence about plans for the coming year. To be honest, I wish I could say that I only looked at this year with excitement –another year to turn our campus upside down! To spread the wonderful pro-life message to anyone and everyone! To stand up for something and be heard!

But I’m ashamed to admit that that isn’t what I feel. I’m scared. I’m scared of the hostility that we will face. I’m scared of being ostracized. I’m scared of the pain that I’ll see. There are no two ways about it: abortion is uncomfortable. It’s touchy and it’s a sure fire way to get your peers upset.

There are times when I don’t understand why I’m in this group. Sure, I’ve made great friends in this club these past two years that I’ve been at uOttawa. Oftentimes though I wish I could be that stranger who sheepishly scurries past the club’s table and, maybe, timidly gives a thumbs-up and keeps walking. Why didn’t I join water polo?

But the thing is, it isn’t about me. It’s bigger than me and my own comfort zone. I’ll tell you right now, if this was about me I’d stay at home and read a good book.

This summer I was introduced to a new television series called Downtown Abbey based in 1912-1914 in England. A secondary storyline follows the youngest of three daughters who is avidly interested in the political movement of women’s suffrage. Certainly it is a noble cause, but when her father questions why she always finds such gloomy causes, she replies, “Because it’s the gloomy things that need our help. If everything in the garden is sunny – why meddle?”

And that’s why I don’t despair of our “gloomy cause.” It’s precisely what I need to be doing, no matter how uncomfortable I am or how desperately I want to give up because everything is not sunny in the garden. No, 300 babies are killed by abortion daily in Canada. Women are being sold a lie under the pretence of “women’s rights,” but instead of the freedom and liberty that they are promised they find only pain and sorrow.

Because of all this, I might not look to this school year with excitement. Instead, I look forward with trepidation at a long and laborious struggle to the day when abortion will be unthinkable.

6 thoughts on “If Everything in the Garden is Sunny – Why Meddle?

  1. Owen

    Inspiring post! Now that we’re approaching the schooling months, I look forward to more frequent posting from uOttawa Students for Life. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Claire

    “omen are being sold a lie under the pretence of “women’s rights,” but instead of the freedom and liberty that they are promised they find only pain and sorrow. ”

    But how do you approach the issue of women who choose to have an abortion, and don’t feel pain or sorrow? What if they think they honestly made the best choice they could, and they go on to live happy lives and build a good future? Not every woman who has an abortion develops a mental illness or has dysfunctional relationships after the fact. How do you minister to them?

  3. uOttawa Students For Life Post author

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks for stopping by. All people deal with things differently, of course, and relief is often felt by women immediately following an abortion, but studies and women themselves tell us that regret and grief can resurface in different ways later on. Healing is possible following an abortion, and it starts by recognizing the wound of abortion. Our club strives to make resources available to post-abortive women. Ultimately, abortion is wrong and hurts women because it kills their children.

  4. Claire

    Unfortunately, I know women who have no regret whatsoever after their abortions, even years down the line. They really are convinced that they made the best decision possible for their lives at that time. They have good relationships with their boyfriend or spouse, they enjoy their lives and they experience no remorse or depression as a result of their abortion. I’m not advocating for abortion, I’m saying that there actually are women out there who aren’t negatively affected, and they need to be ministered to as well. They wouldn’t respond to studies or statistics saying that women who have abortions later regret it and get depressed because it simply didn’t happen to them. How do you get your message out to them, when you can’t reach them with the usual tactics? Are they a lost cause?

    1. uOttawa Students For Life Post author

      We believe no one is a lost cause. Going through the points explained in this video would be a good start for getting the message out to those who feel no remorse. (See also our series on SLED). The problem is that even if a woman is able to live with the fact that she had an abortion, her unborn child is not. When presented with the facts about abortion, hopefully those women will come to see that abortion is objectively wrong and work towards making it unthinkable.


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