Abortion on the Agenda on Nov. 10 and 11

Ottawa has two opportunities to hear the formidable Stephanie Gray take on abortion this week. In addition to the event below, she’ll be speaking on Thursday, Nov. 10 at St. Paul’s University in room 103 at 7 pm. The topic is Abortion and Intellectual Honesty. Come one, come all!

***New Location: Colonel By Hall, 161 Louis Pasteur, Room C03***
***Update: Jovan Morales of the Atheist Community of the University of Ottawa will be arguing the pro-choice position.***

7 thoughts on “Abortion on the Agenda on Nov. 10 and 11

  1. Owen

    *Wild and abandoned cheering* Ahem. Amazing. I so wish that I could attend this. You people are doing some wonderful work and this falls into that category.

    1. uOttawa Students For Life Post author

      The empty box for the pro-choice side reflects the fact that it is very difficult to find someone to argue that position – dozens of invitations were sent out to no avail. After the posters were put up, Jovan Morales of the Atheist Community of the University of Ottawa came forward to debate the pro-choice side.
      As for the time, 7-9pm on a Friday is usually a slot people have free in their schedules.
      We take abortion very seriously and are looking forward to a constructive debate. Hope you are able to come!

  2. Laura Carusi

    The reason no one even bothered trying to debate against you is because your stance is hateful and ignorant, and there is no possible way to penetrate your closed minds with reason. If you are truly “uOttawa students for life” as you claim, why do you choose a stance which ends in the death of countless innocent women? Wouldn’t a more productive approach be to discuss ways to prevent abortion, such as more extensive sexual education programs? Abortion rates do not decrease when it is made illegal, the only result is that women are forced to seek out illegal abortion methods which are dangerous and result in infection and death. It disgusts me that you could even try to claim a feminist stance at all, you cannot put more importance on the “life” of a fetus, that the life of a woman who is conscious and able to make decisions about her own body. How dare you try to tell women what to do with their own body, how can you claim to know what is right for each woman in every particular case? You are not pro-LIFE, you are ANTI-CHOICE. It is the right of each individual woman to make her own choice, this should not be the governments concern. I would also like to point out that many people who have social lives are quite busy friday nights between 7-9, you can infer what this says about yourselves. Perhaps if you spent less time being hateful and more time reaching out to women who have had to make difficult decisions regarding abortion, you would be more inclined to sympathize with the only factor in the abortion equation that has an actual LIFE which is worth protecting. I also find it interesting that a representative from the Atheist Community of the University of Ottawa was your opponent, because you claim to have a bioethical stance, when it is incredibly clear that you simply have some kind of moral superiority complex. It is truly UNETHICAL to refuse a woman an abortion which may save her life, so perhaps you should reconsider your own terminology.

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