7 thoughts on “Abortion: Empowering or Eliminating Women?

  1. Laura Carusi

    To me this seems like its more about the values and traditions of India as a whole, rather than about abortion. The video doesn’t talk about abortion being wrong as a whole, just about the devastating effects of selective abortion on such a grand scale. This post is quite ridiculous in the context of a Canadian abortion debate because the reasons Indian families choose abortion are completely different, and impossible to compare to women of Canada. Obviously the destruction of an entire gender in any population is a horrible thing, but the concern sparked by this video should be in regards to gender discrimination. Its very troubling that you post it simply as more ammunition devoted to proving that abortion is immoral, instead of discussing the cultural phenomena which allows abortion to be used in this way. I urge you to stop using propaganda such as this to win the hearts of like-minded ant-choicers, and to instead read through this website a bit: http://www.thanksabortion.com/
    You may be surprised to find that you sympathize with some of the women getting abortions, rather than a fetus which does not have bodily autonomy, and therefore is not a person who needs your protection or sympathy.

    1. uOttawa Students For Life Post author

      Hi Laura,
      Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts on this post and others. You’re right that discrimination against girls needs to be fought in India and that it is a very different country than Canada. For one thing, in the video no one has any qualms about acknowledging the humanity of the lives in question – family members just want the girl child dead, whether by abortion or infanticide because they don’t want to pay a dowry down the road. However, financial concerns also weigh heavily in North America, as evidenced by many stories on the thanksabortion website. What does it say about our own society if women feel abortion is their only real option because of their bank balance?
      We really do sympathize with women considering abortion and those who have had one, and that is why pro-lifers actively provide concrete support for them. There definitely are very real tough circumstances facing women, but ultimately we cannot solve problems by killing the vulnerable. If the preborn are not human, no justification for elective abortion is necessary. But if the preborn are human, no justification for elective abortion is adequate. (See our series on SLED for more about the humanity of the preborn.)

      1. Laura Carusi

        Two people cannot exist in one body because the pregnant person has their bodily autonomy (meaning they are not relying on another person’s body to keep theirs alive) and the fetus is at the mercy of that because they are reliant on the pregnant person’s body to nourish their own (up to a certain point). Anti-choicers like to argue that the fetus does have bodily autonomy, but it doesn’t because it must rely on the pregnant person’s body. If you remove a fetus from the pregnant person; it will die (up to a certain point), therefore it does not have bodily autonomy.
        There are many circumstances when “killing the vulnerable,” as you so eloquently put it, is the only viable option for women. But a fetus is not a person, therefore it is not murder, its a simple surgery like any other. I know it seems like a heartless way to phrase abortion, but realistically, if abortion is illegal may women will die (due to back alley abortions, through the use of self induced abortions, etc.). Unlike a fetus, a woman has bodily autonomy, and therefore she has the right to choose what to do with said body. I’ve seen many of your posts which address the classic heroic mother, who chose to continue with her pregnancy although her life is at risk, and although these stories are lovely to see, I find it interesting that the stories of all those women who died in similar situations (i.e. so that their unborn children could live) are never presented here. It makes me feel like these stories are yet another form of anti-choice propaganda.
        I beg you imagine if you were to get pregnant today, what would you do? I assume you are in school right now, do you see carrying a child for 9 months—even if you were to give it up for adoption afterward—as a realistic option? I would also like to point out that many women say that giving up their children for adoption is more traumatic than the abortion itself.
        Frankly, I also find it hilarious that you anti-choicers claim to “provide concrete support” for women who choose abortion—have you never heard of so-called “pro-life activists” picketing abortion clinics?
        Finally I would like to thank you for responding to my comment at long last, I will continue to voice my opinion because it disgusts me that these kinds of ignorant, woman-hating views exist on my campus. It is easy for you to post one side of the story, but luckily I will be here to make sure that those who visit your site realize that abortion is about more than just “killing the vulnerable,” it is a women’s rights issue.

  2. lisa

    I find abortion to be more of a band-aid solution to the problems that women in crisis pregnancies face than anything else. If a woman is poor, and she cannot afford another child, doesn’t it make sense to provide resources for her so she can raise the child, or at least enough to help her get through the pregnancy and get back on her feet? If she cannot, for whatever reason, raise the child, why not allow another couple to raise the child? If she feels that the whole process is too difficult to handle alone, that she feels abandoned, and the she feels she has “no choice”, doesn’t it make more sense to offer her support, a shoulder to cry on, and options? Places like First Place or Birthright here in Ottawa offer this kind of support, run mostly by volunteers. Some brave women have risked their lives to carry their children to term. The most famous person I can think of right now is St. Gianna Beretta Molla http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gianna_Beretta_Molla, who in fact, did give her life so her child could live. A woman’s rights stop where the child’s rights begin.

  3. uOttawa Students For Life Post author

    Did you have a look at Part 4 of SLED, Degree of Dependency? While you say that “the fetus is at the mercy” of their mother’s “bodily autonomy,” our position is that the more someone else depends on us, the greater our responsibility is towards them.

    Pregnancy during school would not be easy, but it can absolutely be done. ProWomanProLife features a woman who kept her baby and went on to professional success and personal happiness:
    Bergeron got pregnant with her first child at 21 while in law school. “As soon as the little line turned blue, it became clear that what I thought would be a no-brainer – abortion — was really excruciating,” says Bergeron. Another formative influence was the complete and utter disbelief of her peers that she would do something so stupid as to “keep” the baby and ruin her professional life. “That’s when I realized that women may have been liberated but liberation was achieved by excluding their reproductive abilities. I advocate for a complete liberation of women that includes the fact that they bear and deliver children.”

    Inspired by women like her, I would continue to attend classes with my head held high. If carrying a child for 9 months doesn’t seem like a realistic option, is something wrong with the pregnancy, or is something wrong with society? The concrete support mentioned referred to pregnancy centers such as those linked to on the upper right of the blog. Pro-lifers dedicate their time and money to ensure that women have realistic options other than abortion. (And adoption must certainly be difficult, but it’s a choice both mother and child can live with, with some going on to live extraordinary lives.)

    In commenting on our site, please remember to be respectful and keep in mind that even though we may differ in our views, we all want to help others. We do not hate women by any stretch of the imagination – we are women who believe that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman. After all, 50% of fetuses are baby girls!


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