New Abortion Caravan Hits Ottawa

The New Abortion Caravan is now in Ottawa. On Saturday, June 30th, they took graphic images of the reality of abortion and an infant-sized coffin to 24 Sussex Drive in memory of Canada’s millions of aborted children. Look for them near Parliament Hill on Canada Day, and don’t forget to head to their presentation at 7:30pm on Monday, July 2nd at Greenbelt Baptist Church, 839 Shefford Rd, to hear Stephanie Gray and Jonathan Van Maren speak on How We Will End the Killing in Our Lifetime. This Canada Day weekend, let’s commit to working toward making sure all Canadians, big and small, get to enjoy this beautiful country.

Check out Part 2 of the video posted last week on minds being changed:

2 thoughts on “New Abortion Caravan Hits Ottawa

  1. Janice Sherwood

    Thank you for caring enough to take part in ending abortion. May God bless you!
    Janice Sherwood

  2. vivian li

    The “New Abortion Caravan” is nothing but irrational propaganda (with obvious Christian influences). ANY photograph of a (surgical) operation is going to look gorey and unpleasant — why would anyone expect a surgical abortion procedure to be an exception?

    The Abortion Caravan is trying to win over the dumb masses through their exploitative use of shock imagery to elicit emotional knee-jerk reactions against abortion. If the Abortion Caravan actually HAD a valid argument to convey, why not make use of debate, public speakers, and informational texts instead of all this shock imagery silliness?

    Also, regarding the Youtube “Word on the Street” video posted: notice that the interviewed “pro-life” speakers/workers for the Caravan gave such short shrift to the opinions of the pro-choice people they encountered. It was a series of straw-man rhetoric meant to present pro-choicers as stupid with no real justification nor reason behind their position. Again, if these pro-lifers were more honest, they would flesh out their own — and the pro-choicers’ — points a little more during the interviews. Instead, what we have in this video are pro-lifers bashing pro-choicers without giving them a fair opportunity to speak back (or at the very least, presenting pro-choice arguments fairly and not cursorily).

    Seriously, it’s quite depressing to think that anyone could even fall for such ridiculous gimmicks as the Abortion Caravan.


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