uOSFL Hosts MP Stephen Woodworth: Discussion on Motion 312

Parliament may not want to discuss the hot topic of when life begins, but we do!

Come join us on Monday, December 3rd at 7 PM in Montpetit 202 (125 University Private) to welcome MP Stephen Woodworth to the University of Ottawa for a public lecture and discussion.

For those who may not know, MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 was recently voted down in Parliament. This motion proposed that the House of Commons establish a committee to examine the scientific evidence as to when human life begins, and to report back as to the human rights implications of its findings.

You can find details of this motion here: http://www.stephenwoodworth.ca/canadas-400-year-old-definition-of-human-being/motion-312This event is hosted by the University of Ottawa Students for Life, your pro-life club on campus. For more information, please see our Facebook event and follow us on Twitter at @uosfl_epvuo.

3 thoughts on “uOSFL Hosts MP Stephen Woodworth: Discussion on Motion 312

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  3. Alex

    To resume MP Woodsworth’s entire presentation, he said that not defining a beginning to life (when the legal definition of ‘beginning of life’ after birth is perfectly convenient) is some kind of injustice to potential human beings, that we ought to give pre-born babies a fair chance, that it’s our human duty to do so.

    He essentially had a lot of appeals to emotion with no facts whatsoever to support his motion.

    When questioned on what he thought the consequences of this motion would be if it passed, he said he would let the chips fall where they may.

    I feel that’s a terrible oversight on his part as well as being unacceptably sloppy in his profession. If MP’s are going to pass laws just because they feel like it without having a very specific goal in mind and without knowing the potential problems and issues with the motion, I’d say they do not deserve that position.

    In light of the utterly nightmarish legal complications this bill will pass (creating a new age class for a person, in what, months before birth?), playing merry hell with census (we must then count every pre-born human being in the country, which means testing every woman in the country who hasn’t had a period in 3 weeks, and accounting for all the miscarriages as the ‘Death’ of an individual) we will also have to see if miscarriages are the result of an accident, or criminal negligence (a pregnant woman who exercises the wrong way and causes placental abruption could be sentenced to spend time in jail for example) and a hell of a lot of other problems.

    The benefits if such a law is passed? …

    Justice? Equality for a pre-born human being?

    Or rather more importantly, the unstated but REAL objective of MP Woodsworth’s motion, to make abortion illegal?

    I must ask, in light of these facts, is this motion a religiously motivated position driven purely with the intent of ending abortion in Canada? I must also ask, am I bringing religion into the conversation, or is it that there is a religious undertone to the whole affair, but that MP Woodworth and others like him are desperately trying to convince the rest of us it isn’t there?


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