About Us

We are a non-sectarian human-rights club at the University of Ottawa. We affirm the value of all human life from conception to natural death and oppose the violence of abortion, euthanasia and other threats to human life.

But that’s just our official description – we’re more than that.
We’re at the heart of the new counterculture, rejecting the “me-first” and “throw-it-away” attitudes that dominate our campus and do so much to coarsen our society.

We believe that it’s wrong to treat life like a commodity, something whose value is arbitrary and something that can be accepted or rejected as we please.

We propose the radical alternative of a culture of life – where we treat human life as a right and support those faced with difficult circumstances.

We’re the human-rights movement of the 21st century.

While we might seem like a minority, we speak for the silent majority of people who know in their hearts that life has intrinsic value.