Executive Positions

Official Descriptions of the Leadership Positions within uOttawa Students for Life

Notes on the structure of uOSFL:

uOSFL is composed of a six person executive (see below) as mandated by the constitution of the club. The executive team, as well as other members who act as executive members at large, form the Leadership Team of uOSFL and meet regularly to make decisions and plan activities. We follow a “SAFE” model (Support, Advocacy, Formation, Education) to ensure that all aspects of the pro-life movement are covered on our campus.

The guiding principles of uOSFL, as set out by the constitution, are that:

  1. Life begins at conception and ends at natural death.
  2. All human beings, whether born or unborn, are endowed with the right to life.
  3. The Government is responsible for ensuring the right to life is protected by law.

The specific objectives of uOSFL, as set out by the constitution, stipulate that the club is to:

  1. Inform and educate the public on life issues such as abortion, stem cell research and euthanasia.
  2. Train and equip pro-life leaders within uOSFL membership;
  3. Direct the public to various pro-life resources, such as crisis pregnancy and post abortion centers.
  4. Advocate on behalf of the unborn through peaceful protests.



The President is responsible for ensuring that uOSFL meets its objectives, as defined in the Constitution. The President oversees the operations of uOSFL, calls, and chairs meetings, and ensures that members of the Leadership Team carry out their duties as they are assigned. In addition, the President directs and guides the decision-making process. He or she is primarily responsible for external communications, public relations, and acts as liaison for outside organizations.

VP Support

The VP Support is responsible for the club’s initiatives to support women in crisis pregnancies or who are suffering from post abortion syndrome or other trauma or stress related to pregnancy and/or abortion. Examples of such initiatives would be baby showers and clothing drives for crisis pregnancy centres, offering information on campus about local pregnancy centres, and advertising for post-abortive healing retreats.

VP Advocacy

The VP Advocacy is responsible for remaining aware of life issues in the political arena and updating the club accordingly. He or she is active in the organization of events focused on advocacy, including but not limited to letter writing and the March for Life. The VP Advocacy also acts as a liaison between the club and the SFUO when issues  arise concerning our rights as a club on campus.

VP Formation

The VP Formation is responsible for ensuring that the members of the uOttawa Students for Life are trained in pro-life apologetics and prepared to present the reasons why we are pro-life to the student body on campus.

VP Education

The VP Education is responsible for the events and initiatives of the uOSFL to educate the student body on campus on issues surrounding the abortion debate and other life-related issues, such as campus initiatives like tabling, pamphleting, and postering, as well as larger events like guest speakers.


The Secretary assists the President in overseeing general housekeeping things such as correspondence with members, room bookings, contacting people for events, and keeping minutes at our weekly meetings, among other things.


The Treasurer oversees the collection and spending of funds and maintains a record of all transactions. This includes the submission of receipts to the SFUO and the reimbursement of club members accordingly as well as the issuing of cheques as needed. The Treasurer is responsible for providing financial updates to the Executive as requested and maintaining the financial book-keeping of uOSFL in a clear and transparent manner. He or is responsible for the organization of fundraising (such as contacting sponsors or patrons) as well as maintenance of the bank account. The Treasurer, with the participation of the Executive, develops a budget and advises the Leadership Team in regards to spending.

Members at Large:

The Members at Large are other members of the uOttawa Students for Life who are interested in joining the executive team in bringing the pro-life message to their campus through events. Members at Large cant take on other roles not covered by the executive positions such as Media and Promotions.