Leadership Team

uOSFL Leadership Team

President: Mark Luimes

Vice-President: Christine De Baets

VP Support: Nicole Tumaine

VP Formation: Rachel Egbert

Treasurer: Kelden Formosa

Member-at-large: Angela Richmond

Want to be part of this lovely team? We meet weekly on Thursdays at 11, and any uOttawa Students for Life member is welcome to join our Leadership Team as a member-at-large. Email us at info@uosfl.ca for locations and more information.


Some Former Exec Members

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Amanda Hennessey

Dante De Luca

Elizabeth Tanguay

Paul T.

Reita S.

Marissa Poisson

Rebecca Richmond

Daniel Gilman

Garnet van Popta

David Beking

Eliza Jane Phillis

Oksana K.