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The Results Are In!

uOSFL wants to get your opinion. We value it. As such, we are running a series of polls in order to better see what our readers and members think.

Our first poll closed this morning. Thank you to all who voted!

Our second poll opened this morning. We would encourage you all to vote as well.

The results of the first poll:

Since our audience is by far the most deeply concerned about unrestricted access to abortion, we ask you to answer our second poll, which is available on the right hand side of the page:  What kind of events should we be focusing on in order to erradicate this horrible problem?

Thank you!

uOSFL Leadership Team

an introduction…

by Rebecca Richmond

I’ve been sitting in front of this computer for over an hour. My screen has several snippets of paragraphs sitting on it as I’ve tried to find some sort of cohesive way to string the ideas in my head together. I’m not a bad writer, truth be told. But it certainly helps to have a bit of direction when a writing assignment comes your way. The only guidelines I got for this was that it had to be epic. Thanks guys. No pressure, huh?

We’ll be blogging three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (excepting Christmas and New Year’s) and you’ll be hearing from a wide variety of club members, from bright-eyed first year nursing students to old fourth year political science students. Everything from commentary on current legislation or stories of our experiences on campus will appear here. You’ll get to know our members, our club, our campus, our successes, and our struggles and we look forward to sharing them with you. This blog is more than just a means of us sharing information with you, but rather a means through which we can better connect with students and community members. So please feel free to comment or to contact us!

What I want to give you, in this inaugural blog post, is an idea of who we are. Not what we do, mind you, but who we are.

So let me take you back in time to last Tuesday evening when several club members assembled in my living room, armed with mugs of hot chocolate and bowls of chips and yummy baked goods, to plan for the coming semester.

We’re a diverse group of men and women. We have first years, fourth years and everything in between. We span the disciplines of health science, nursing, political science, history, philosophy, computer science, and classics. We are of different faiths and from different family backgrounds and we come from different parts of the country.

We have different gifts and talents, but like different parts of the same body, we all work together for this common cause: saving lives. I feel so privileged to work with these club members who selflessly give their precious time and balance school, work, family, and friends with their responsibilities to the club.

When we meet, whether it’s for an event or a planning session, I feel like we’re more than just compatriots in a common cause. We’re also good friends. There’s a great deal of laughter at our meetings along with good-natured teasing and fun. We are a participatory oriented open campus club. Our club leadership team’s role is to help facilitate, involve, and include our peers on campus in the efforts to educate, inform, and empower our campus regarding promoting and protecting the dignity of all human beings from conception to natural death.

I believe that we’re rather extraordinary. Not because we’ve done grand things, although I do believe that we’re doing important work at the university. Whatever we do, though, we do with a great deal of love. And in a world where convenience and difficult circumstances trump the right to life, a great deal of love makes a great deal of a difference.

OSFL joins the blogosphere.

by Garnet

Ottawa Students for Life has been a club for quite a while now, and we’ve decided to start a blog to keep everyone informed on events we have planned and important pro-life news, as well as to provide another means through which we can receive feedback and comments from our club members and peers out in blogger world.  Please check back often, and subscribe to our RSS feed!