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“Alright you’ve got a point… but what do you want me to do about it?”

by Amanda Hennessey

I am a rational person. I ask questions, I doubt, and I do not trust something to be true without reasoning through every possibility. So when it comes to the question of abortion I had a lot of questions to answer. In my first year at university I had to take an ethics philosophy course (insert gag here). One of the topics we covered was abortion. Yes the professor did present a pro-life position, but it was a very poor one. To be honest we read and listened to him lecture for hours about how abortion is a women’s choice as it is in her body. That’s right; he did not argue the common “it is her body” but rather admitted that of course it is not her body. The baby is a total other person with its own heart, mind and soul. When we take pro-life training most of the course will be on how to prove that the fetus is in fact a child because if we can do this then the child automatically has the fundamental right to live right? Wrong. Well at least that’s what my professor argued. He wanted us to believe that carrying a pregnancy to term is an act out of the ordinary; mothers should be given daily thanks for their sacrifice and be treated as heroes. Didn’t you know? Pregnancy is not normal.

So every week, as I listened to my professor go on and on about how inconvenient childbirth is, I found myself getting progressively more and more upset. Is it fair that this man can brainwash hundreds of first year students with his garbage? Where is the voice for the voiceless? Yes, I did speak up often in class… and he very quickly learned my name and my opinions, but there had to be more that I could do.

In my second year I found the Ottawa Students for Life. And I was elated! For one year I was very involved with all of the events and gave my opinions at meetings. I started to find opportunities to speak to others about my views. Or maybe rather, these opportunities were already there before but I did not have the knowledge or confidence to take advantage of them. I hope that I was able to get others to start thinking, and not just believe that abortion is ok because the teachers and government say it is. Currently, I am finishing up my third year, and my first as an official member of the exec. Next year I will be starting my forth, and hopefully will be even more involved with the club. I hope that I can continue to learn, to question, and to find opportunities to share the truth.

But what about you? What can you, the reader, do to make a difference? First of all, if you are a student I encourage you to get involved with your pro-life club on campus. If you do not have one… why not start one? For more information and advice on joining clubs on campus feel free to e-mail us at ottawastudentsforlife@gmail.com.

For those of you not in school or just finishing up, you can help too! First of all, get educated. The more you know about these issues the more confident you will be to speak about them. And do speak about them. Share the message with your children, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. You never know who they might be able to pass the message along to. Be supportive and compassionate. If you know someone who is thinking of having an abortion make sure that you remember that they are in a very stressful and sometimes tragic situation. In order to get more information and to know where to send someone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy please go to Birthright Ottawa or First Place Pregnancy Centre. Please also remember that it is important not to judge those who have had abortions and to be loving and compassionate with them. Find out where your Member of Parliament stands on the abortion issue. Send them letters and e-mails asking for their positions. Protest. Here in Ottawa there are many opportunities including the March for Life as well as the 40 Days for Life. And finally, pray. For those of you of faith, your prayers could save a life. You can make a difference.

The Lord of the Rings, OSFL, and You

By Daniel Gilman

As a little child I dreamed of great adventures, and as a teen I loved Lord of the Rings. But as a student at the University of Ottawa, I’ve had the privilege of making a practical difference promoting respect for all human beings through my involvement with Ottawa Students for Life. Yes. This has everything to do with you putting your name forward for the OSFL election: please keep reading.

Seriously, the closest I’ve ever come to being part of anything like the comradery of the Fellowship of the Ring is through this club. Just like in the Fellowship, we’re made up of a great variety of people united by a respect for the sanctity of human life.

Just like in any of those fairytale adventures, our journey is sometimes rough. It is sometimes discouraging, often feels futile, and always takes time away from home work. It’s a tough cause. Few people today advocate for children in the womb. Few people today take the time to listen to women suffering from an abortion. Few people today are willing to do anything to educate their peers on the reality of foetal development. I don’t always feel as if I’m like living my childhood dream. Sometimes I feel like an integral member of the team, and sometimes I feel redundant and out of sync. But I am committed to this cause regardless of how I feel. I pray that I will have the strength to endure.

Gandhi said that the test of a just society is how it treats its most vulnerable members. I say that society is made up of individuals like you and me. I honestly wish I could spend more of my time focused on school and having a good time; I wish the vulnerable members in our society were cared for, but often they aren’t. Like Frodo in Lord of the Rings, “I wish none of this had happened.” But the reply of Gandalf holds true, “So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

And while I used to dream of being part of the Fellowship of the Ring, I now realize that those characters should be envious of me because I am making a difference in the real world, while they’re relegated to the realm of fiction. Being part of OSFL is like being part of Lord of the Rings but way more awesome–it’s real!

So… I suggest putting your name forward for an OSFL leadership position. For more info on how to do this click here