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Open Letter to Michael Ignatieff

Dear Mr. Ignatieff,

I am writing in response to your call for Prime Minister Harper to include abortion as part of his maternal health initiative. I am a 22-year-old Canadian woman who would like to inform you that there is by no means a Canadian consensus in favour of abortion. It is scientifically indisputable that abortion is the act of terminating a human life. We should all be committed to improving conditions for women in Canada and around the world so that no mother is ever in such a desperate situation that she feels forced to abort her child.

The very year I was born, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our country’s abortion law and Parliament has since failed to pass any bill at all on abortion. Abortion on demand became legal and funded by taxpayer dollars through the ninth month of pregnancy in Canada not because that is the will of all Canadians but rather because of political cowardice. According to a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll, only 20% of Canadians are aware of the current status-quo of abortion in Canada; when informed about existing regulations, only 30% endorsed them. This hardly amounts to a consensus.

Before you continue to campaign to export abortion, I would like to invite you to come hear what a politically engaged group of students has to say about including abortion as a component of women’s rights. This Friday, February 5, Ottawa Students for Life welcomes Andrea Mrozek, who will be speaking on the very topical subject of whether being pro-life is antithetical to being pro-woman. A question period will follow the talk.  The event takes place at 7 p.m. in Lamoureux Hall, room 122. (see https://ottawastudents4life.wordpress.com/)

I look forward to receiving a response and hope to see you there.


Marissa Poisson

UPDATE: also published in the Ottawa Citizen