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Abortion Changes You

by Elizabeth Tanguay

“Abortion Changes You”.  Such are the slogans New Yorkers on the subway see everyday. And if they were to look at the website included in the ad, www.abortionchangesyou.com, they would be able to start the healing process after an abortion and to deal with all the changes that come with it. These ads have been labeled as being pro-life, but this website is really to get a conversation going, and let healing begin.

Many seem to be under the impression that after you have an abortion, your life just goes back to normal and that’s the end of it. Everything goes to the way it was before. As can be seen from the numerous stories on the website, this is hardly the case.

Haven’t you noticed that mothers seem to mark time with pregnancies? You’ll often here comments like, “Oh I remember while I was pregnant with Joey, we went on this trip,” or “That happened before Patrick was born but Lucy was still a baby.” A pregnancy is a significant milestone in the life of a woman. A pregnancy involves her whole being. An end to that state can hardly be insignificant.

I was about 6 when my mom suffered her first miscarriage. I don’t remember it too well, but right before my littlest brother was born, when I was about 13, my mother had a third miscarriage. She was able to keep the body after the DNC, and we were able to bury him. I remember crying a long time, holding the little box that contained my little brother’s body. I remember how relieved I was once I was able to cry.

Many women who go through an abortion or a miscarriage feel that they cannot cry. After all, how can one cry over a blob of tissue, a bunch of cells? However, the fact remains that it is not simply a bunch of cells; it is a human person. And yes, the loss of even one such person is ample reason to cry; such an event can change you.

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And another interesting article: In 1952, Planned Parenthood told their clients that abortion takes the life of the baby.