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International Women’s Day

by Theresa Stephenson

Today is International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women. While there have been many significant achievements for women in the past century, I cannot help but view this day with unease. Of course I’m happy to have the right to vote, access to education and gender equality in the workplace. But what about that one “achievement” for women that’s named “reproductive rights”? What has abortion really done for women?

As Patricia Heaton, the Honourary Chair of Feminists for Life said, “Indeed the tragedy of abortion haunts women from all walks of life. Abortion advocates are spending millions to package their tired rhetoric and half-truths in cutting-edge advertising campaigns targeted to young women.” Women are not liberated by abortion, they are degraded. They are hurt. They are emotionally scarred. They are sold a lie.

In Canada, there are no restrictions whatsoever on abortion. Women are able to have their babies aborted at any time during pregnancy and for any reason. In 2007, for every 100 babies born in Ontario, 37 were aborted.

So today, let’s think about all those little babies, half of them girls, who are being killed in hospitals and clinics under the banner of “women’s rights.” Let’s think about the women who have been hurt by abortion. Let’s remember that abortion is a step backwards for all women.

A Shame and a Sham

by Marissa Poisson

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking home from the March for Life with my little sister in my arms and my cousin by my side. A group of people had been walking in front of us since we left Parliament Hill, and we were about to pass them on the sidewalk. One young woman, who must have been about my age, looked at us and said, “Shame on you.” Caught off guard, I offered a faint smile and we kept walking.

A few days later, a part of Bank St. was closed due to an accident. I saw a person on a stretcher being taken to an ambulance, and I hoped he or she would be okay. Then I remembered that a few blocks up the street, a short walk from Parliament Hill, there was another life-and-death situation occurring. I wished I could tell the paramedics that the next place they needed to go that Wednesday morning was the local Morgentaler Clinic because there were lives to be saved and people to be healed there. The real shame is that while we would never say that helping someone who is lying injured on the street is none of our business, not enough people want to think of the women and unborn children who find themselves on the threshold of abortion facilities.

If I could talk to the woman who said those three words to us on the street, I would ask what motivates her support for abortion and challenge her to inform herself about what an abortion does to the two people who are subjected to it. For a wealth of factual information, I would recommend Signal Hill to her.   For a look into the minds of passionate and compassionate pro-life individuals, I would point her to ProWomanProLife and, of course, this blog. I think that if she decided to seek the truth at the heart of the matter, she’d see abortion exposed for what it really is: a sham. Drop one letter from “shame” and you’ve got an apt descriptor of death and pain coated in words like choice, freedom and reproductive rights. It is high time we move toward love, support and intellectual honesty.

Pro-life and… Feminist?

by Rebecca Richmond

I have a confession to make: I am a flawed human being. The flurry of activity that constituted my Easter weekend flowed into the craziness of paper-writing and, failing to check the blog schedule, I realized only today that I was supposed to have submitted my blog entry last night.

As such, my offering is short and sweet.

I grew up rather angry at feminists. I blamed them (not suffragettes but the feminists of the sexual revolution era) for damaging society. Oddly enough, I now consider myself a feminist, although with an understanding of gender that conflicts with most other feminists out there (I believe in integral complementarity, in case you’re wondering).

There are, as I’m sure you’re aware, pro-life feminists out there. Check out Feminists for Life  and some of their articles: “Women Deserve Better than Abortion” and “The Bitter Price of Choice”. Feminists for Life continues in the tradition of early feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who were pro-life.

I’m writing a paper (due tomorrow) for my feminist theories class on maternal feminism (think of the Famous Five and the Persons Case) and new feminism/integral complementarity (think of John Paul II and Edith Stein). It’s interesting stuff, let me assure you. One of the authors I’m reading wrote something I thought I would share with you:

“May will see a betrayal of justice – and assuredly of feminism – in any suggestion that women may bear a special responsibility to nurture the culture of life, which alone can protect our future….No doubt the ideals of service and sacrifice run directly against the grain of our culture, but if we deny their claims we place ourselves at high risk. Until now, feminism in general – and we all know there are marginal exceptions – has waged a fierce battle to permit women to behave like men and, in the areas in which they cannot, to guarantee them the same results as if they had. A new feminism requires that we must the courage and the faith to reverse this paradigm. Women throughout the world are in desperate need of policies that respect and protect them as women – not policies that ensure their access to abortion so that they can become as “free” as men. A feminism grounded in the defense of a women’s right to “choose” to have an abortion is inescapably a feminism that promotes the culture of death. It is never easy to go against the grain, especially when doing so exposes one to social and economic risks. But without the will to defy prevailing ideas, we will condemn ourselves to more of the same….Who knows? If we succeed in defending a culture of life in which personhood is understood as mutual recognition rather than autonomy and no person is ever objectified as the means to an end, men – within the constraints of their differences from us – may follow.”

Excerpt taken from: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, “Equality, Difference, and the Practical Problems of a New Feminism,” in Women in Christ: Toward a New Feminism, ed. Michele M. Schumacher (Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdsman Publishing Co., 2004), 310-311.

Well, that’s my contribution for the day. Now, if you’ll pardon me, I must return to essay writing.

Pro-Woman. Pro-Life., starring Andrea Mrozek

by Dante De Luca

Allow me to take this opportunity to present to you a new entry in the annals of film. Andrea Mrozek stars in this all-new production of Pro Woman. Pro Life., which also features a guest appearance by our own Reita S. Filmed by Amanda Henessey and edited by Dante De Luca, this educational video is a must-see for pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike.

Abortion not in sync with women’s health

by Paul T

This past Friday, Ottawa Students for Life hosted Andrea Mrozek from the popular blog “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” to come and speak to students on how the pro-life position and a pro-woman stance converge on many different levels. Andrea started by simply stating the fact that having an abortion is in no way more associated with a woman’s femininity than in her choice to carry a child to term. The importance Mrozek associated between a woman’s biological identities against the common feminist current clearly illustrated a contrast between what women are told to believe, and what they want to believe. Mrozek noted 5 key points to why being pro-woman is perfectly in sync with the pro-life stance.

This brings a sharp new reality when trying to interpret Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s statements on the “availability of a full range of reproductive products to women” incorporated into Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s announcement on development of maternal health initiatives for the world’s poorest and most under-developed countries. Mr. Ignatieff seems to state, without any regard or respect towards the culture of life in many of these countries, that Canada has the right to take advantage of the frailty of some countries by imposing ideologically divisive ideals that aren’t even supported by a majority of people here at home, instead of supporting uniting collaborative action for the benefit of the entire society. This radical and extreme stance against life must be taken for what it’s worth, a shameless attempt to score political points off the lives of unborn children.

If you want to find out 5 reasons why being pro-life is being pro-woman, I encourage you to stay tuned for the video footage from Andrea’s talk that will appear on the blog soon.

Another Successful OSFL Event

OSFL was delighted to host Andrea Mrozek this past Friday February 5th at the University of Ottawa for a lecture entitled “Pro-Woman. Pro-Life.” A diverse audience from the University community as well as from other community organizations attended and greatly enjoyed the presentation. Approximately 75 people came and many stayed for the reception afterwards to mingle and discuss the issues raised.

OSFL would like to thank Andrea for her presentation, which clearly demonstrated why being pro-life is in fact pro-woman. We’d also like to thank Brigitte Pellerin and Véronique Bergeron, also from prowomanprolife.org who were also in attendance and helped to field questions. The audience was fantastic and OSFL greatly appreciates their attendance and participation.

The event was videotaped and will be posted on our youtube channel and our blog in the next few weeks.

Women’s Rights

By Eliza Jane Phillis

As the Pro-Woman, Pro-Life event takes place tonight at the University of Ottawa campus in Lamoureux 122 at 7 p.m., I believe it is important to highlight the other victims of abortion: the women. As pro-lifers, we tend to become so focussed on the rights of the unborn that we forget that mothers are victims too. The unborn are not the only ones whose rights are being neglected by the abortion industry.

Women have the right to know all the facts and side-effects of every medical procedure they undergo; abortion is no exception. It has been attested by women who have had an abortion that they were not informed of the details of the surgery, the emotional scars or the possible life threatening and life altering physical side-effects.

Under Canadian legislation women have the freedom of choice but women have the right to make an informed decision. This means that they are given all information concerning ALL the side-effects of an abortion. As well as ALL the options available to them such as financial assistance and support for mothers as well as adoption.

Women have the right to be supported and loved even if the circumstances of their pregnancy is not what our society would deem desirable. This includes those self-proclaimed pro-lifers who would gossip and judge a women who is unexpectedly pregnant out of wed-lock…this is unacceptable and hypocritical.

Women have the right to be acknowledged when they suffer from the side-effects of abortion, and to receive caring and understanding counselling to help them accept the loss of their child and move forward in their lives.

These rights are not being respected today in our own society. We, as pro-life women and men, need to stand up for women’s rights.

Pro-Woman. Pro-Life.

“So, are you pro-life or pro-woman?”  These two positions are set up as alternatives.

But are they really opposed to each other?

Friday, February 5, 2010

7 p.m.

Lamoureux Hall, Room 122

Come hear Andrea Mrozek speak about the convergence of two world-views: feminism and the pro-life position.

Question period to follow speech.

Refreshments will be provided.

Watch the video for more info: