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Something Interesting

by Dante De Luca

I admit that I was rather hard pressed to come up with something to write about today. I did not feel like writing a heady philosophical article (although I probably could have gone over the subtleties of the Principle of Double Effect mentioned by Dr Leiva at our last event); nor did I feel competent writing a heartfelt plea to our readers’ sensibilities (especially after some of the ones we have featured already on this blog). So I decided to peruse the archives of the internet for something different and exciting to present to you for your reading pleasure today.

After surfing the web for a while I had found a few potentially interesting but ultimately disappointing resources, such as Treebeard For Life! and this particularly dreadful pro-life Flash game, not to mention some truly atrocious stuff like Masters of Horror – Pro Life and AbortionMan (via Jill Stanek). However, I did manage to find a couple of links which I hope at least some of you will find rather amusing.

The first of these is a review by Clare Siobhan of “The Empath”, episode 67 of Star Trek: The Original Series. Despite the strong religious focus of the article, I find it appropriate for the blog due to the strong connections she points out between the Vians’ attitude and our pro-choice culture. A small excerpt:

I’m willing to put aside my incredulity in order to examine the Vians more closely. They possess unspeakable power, and unspeakable arrogance. They think they can declaim from on high which planet’s population they will save. A population must first prove itself “worthy” to be saved.

This is sick.

But isn’t this is the way human beings, particularly scientists, think? Modern scientists have the power to create human life in their laboratories AND the power to decide which of the lives they create are worthy to be saved. Medical doctors decide whose “quality of life” is “acceptable” enough to justify to continuing treatment.

The second link is a rather funny news story. I am sure that most (if not all) of you are familiar with the analogy between the pro-life ethos and The Matrix; the difficulties of challenging the mainstream world-view are well-known and have been discussed since long before Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. But when someone feels the need to do a Mr Anderson impression at a pro-life event, that’s just hilarious ☺.